In the 2015 Inspector gadget cartoon there is an ep where both Gadget and Dr claw go apply with an online dating site. Naturally, wacky dating hijinks ensure with Gadget on a date with a woman who from memory is actually a spy.

However, at the end of the show we get a gag where the algorithm matches Gadget up with Dr Claw, much to the villains despair.

This last minute joke implies that while making these dating profiles, both Dr claw and Inspector gadget selected that they liked in both men and women. A dating website won’t recommend same sex matches otherwise.


Vinny vinesauce having to address fucking tumblr kins being weird with his tomoadachi life characters is so fucking on brand for 2019 and I wanna die. 

Why are people like this

I also love Claw/Gadget because if they were s…

I also love Claw/Gadget because if they were say; stuck in a room together, I feel that they could get along. Both are stuck in the 80's despite living in a cyberpunk future. They both have a kid and pet that they care about a lot. The world has upgraded and progressed, leaving them both in the dust. I would love to write/read a fic where Claw is usurped by a new villian head of MAD, and Claw has to team up with Gadget. The two are the only ones who would understand eachother's situation.

Depends on the claw. OG claw was a ruthless terrorist who would rip Gadget apart like a twinky if given the chance and – while it was never shown – committed atrocities and killed anyone who opposed him. Remember that one episode from the original show where gadget has to protect a goon who defected against claw and is in witness protection? Claw is straight up trying to kill him for snitching the whole episode. 

He’s a suprisingly scary guy for a comedic show. I don’t think we can have claw like that in modern shows and that’s a little sad.

But modern claw – yeah. Dudes just totally soft. Time changed him quite drastically, I guess lol