“I am happy to have gotten such a positive feedback at the Laver Cup. It takes time before it gains tradition. But it has been very interesting for me. Of course there are ideas for the next period, I would like to teach younger players. Why not in the Rafa Nadal Academy? If one day my children will want to play tennis, I will definitely send them there.”

Roger Federer, planning his future at Rafa’s academy


Just a usual day for the Fedal family –

1. Sascha talking about support from his parents

2. Roger agreeing with Sascha that Rafa gives the most (“it’s a good answer”)

3. “hehehe…my dad blushing when I praise his husband…”

4. Roger fawning when someone praises Rafa

5. Roger reminding Sascha that sometimes he doesn’t need dad’s approval (especially when he praises mom)



“I tried my best to support the players & create a good team atmosphere. And everybody did, as well. We have had a really great time. I just ran into Fabio just now. Dominic just texted me before. I was in touch with Rafa the last few days, as well. Novak also wrote me.” – Roger Federer ×

Of course he’s in touch with Rafa a week before his wedding. Just normal rival things. Completely normal.