…and the seating arrangement is revealed! Like I guessed, Roger was sitting with Domi and Rafa, Fabio opposite to them with Sascha (presumably occupying the empty seat). And I can’t with Roger losing it at some jokes of Rafa…Seriously, why do you guys always force your banter on the people? Just look at Domi quietly sipping his wine while Fedal were losing it 😂😂He’s like, I had enough!


LC 2017 & LC 2019

The only constant: Fedal family 😍

Look at the glasses and the tableware. They must have sat closer just for the photo. 2 to 3 people must have been sitting in a chair like the one Fabio is sitting on. I think Rafael didn’t move much, because he is looking comfortable sitting with both of his legs on the seat, where I assumed he was sitting on during the dinner. And Domi must have been sitting on the blue couch too, as he’s right in the middle…Sascha could be sitting at the opposite side of the table with Fabio. That leaves Roger who I think could be sitting just there next to Domi.

Roger and Rafa once again didn’t sit next to each other and poor Domi had to put up with all the talking happened between them presumably.